s ICT Enabled ODL Programs for SNDT Students

Student Privileges & Other Fee

As a privileged student of ICT Enabled ODL Programs you get access to the following:

1. Latest Articles / Web links

The students will be provided with latest articles and web links related to your course helping you gain more knowledge.

2. Live Classroom Sessions

To make the course more interactive we regularly arrange for live classroom sessions or virtual classroom sessions wherein you can ask your doubts relevant to the course directly to the professor.

3. Live Chat Sessions

We also conduct live chat sessions wherein the students can ask their doubts via chat to the professor.

4. Prompt Support

Your queries will be answered quickly within one working day. For any queries you can mail us at: admin@sndtict.in

Other Fee 2015-2016
Other Fee
Type of Fee Amount(Rs) Mode of Payment
** SD Card (Optional but Recommended) 300/- Online / DD

**The fee for the pre-loaded SD Card is optional and shall not be applicable to the students who do not want to avail of the same. The costs mentioned above include the cost of despatch the SD Card through the courier decided by the Centre of ICT Enabled ODL Programs of the University. Students who do not want to avail of the SD card must indicate the same clearly during the admission process.