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Trends in e-learning in india
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Maximizing the Value of Online Learning
Every learning intervention addresses a need or a problem. Whether it is internal or external to the organization, or some combination of the two, there are sources of information that must be leveraged to build a learning intervention.

Governance of Distance Education
Open and distance learning(ODL) is an emerging area to address the fundamental issues of access, retention and quality of higher education to improve human capabilities and achieving the vision of knowledge economy. In India, a higher proportion of younger population is found due to unique demographic transition. Providing quality higher education to such a large proportion of population, in a soft democratic country, is a Herculean task, where hardly ten percent of the youth are enrolled in higher education. The gross enrolment ratio (GER) of marginalized sections of society in the context of social and gender is even less than six percent.

Building from Content to Community
We live in an era where the vast storehouse of human knowledge is readily available and easily accessible – quite literally at our fingertips. Using devices from laptops to mobile phones, we can connect to the Internet from anywhere and in moments search for and find information that not only helps us answer questions, solve problems and complete tasks, but also entertains, inspires and confounds us. At the same time, the web has become a place where anyone with acomputer and a connection to the Internet can readily publish text, images, audio and video. The web has become a space where human knowledge is stored, reshaped, accessed and redistributed. Information is abundant and knowledge has been set free.